Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I've always been a huge fan of the Hellraiser movies, and most stuff that Clive Barker does. Of course everyone is terrified of Pinhead, but I always had this fear of "butterball" the really creepy, morbidly obese Cenobite with multiple chins and a giant hole in his stomach. I decided to take him out of his leather tights that were squeezing his hairy, overflowing protoplasm limbs, and paint him having a day off of work. Enjoying a blunt (cause cenobites smoke) and an ice cold beer. This guy gave me nightmares as a child. There's something so fucking creepy about him. I mean, of course the guy with no eyes and just a ravaged mouth is scary too, and the girl with wires piercing her face, but nothing compares to Butterball!

This is for the April 9th art show at my House, aka, the Wolf Tomb. Tons of insane artists are showing inside my house, basically we're clearing out my whole studio for the day, and filling the walls with local talent and shit. Should be a great time.

And here's the ultra creepy guy wearing John Lennon glasses. AH!

Pinhead! Steal this and Tumblr it.

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C.J. Sully said...

I love your cenobite in his cutoffs just chilling out, lol. Clive Barker is super-frickin-cool. My fav book by him is Coldheart Canyon. But Pinhead, with that dark bell music that accompanies him in the movies, always gives me chills.