Wednesday, September 26, 2012

AbsolutePunk feature / interview

If you're into any sort of underground music, metal, hardcore, or just popular music in general, chances are you've been on AbsolutePunk for news on your favorite artist or band.
They recently reached out to me and wanted to feature my stuff along with some interview questions. We chat art, cavities, rap, and more art, and why I started my brand, Cavitycolors.

I'm honored. Read here:

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Keeper

I grew up watching Tales from the Crypt, and I adored everything about The Cryptkeeper, especially his witch like voice, done by the amazing John Kassir. He was frightening, hideous, and incredibly witty and funny. the perfect combination to terrify you and make you choke with laughter, all at the same time. And not only that, all of the stories (based around the original comicbook) were packed full of revenge, gore, sexuality, comedy, and wit.They opened my mind to what horror could really be, besides just a scare factor or gore, or some teenage girl getting hacked to death. In honor of this show and character, I decided to released a print so that we can all share our love for the fantastic Cryptkeeper.
I will also be releasing a bunch of things that honor some of my other favorite horror icons and characters. The next print release is based around Night of The Creeps, so stay tuned!
For all you BOILS AND GHOULS, the Limited Edition "KEEPER" print is NOW AVAILABLE! Super limited to only 31 prints. Scare your friends and dare them to scream! Buy here:

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ink in blood

A guy named Lucas Baker just submitted this photo to me. He just got the CAVITYCOLORS brand eyescream logo tattooed on his arm. Fucking amazing, my fans are. It's just amazing and insane to me that there's people roaming around with my art permanently scarred into their skin. I love it. If you get one, submit it to me and I'll repost and blog it!

Here's Lucas' arm with the CAVITYCOLORS brand logo

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bagged like little corpses you can wear!

The ORLOK shirts are ready to finally ship! Should be arriving to your doorsteps soon like the monster from Tales From The Darkside episode called Halloween Candy, where the ghoul keeps tormenting the old man for halloween candy, but he refuses to give him some. yea, something like that, except friendlier. (maybe)

ALSO, I am releasing my Tales From The Crypt inspired CRYPTKEPER print soon, as in, THIS MONDAY at 5 pm. Not as a shirt like the original one, but as a super limited edition halloween print! More info on the release Monday!
Here's a sneak:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


The limited edition GRAF ORLOK shirts arrived today from the printers, and all the Pre orders are about to be shipped off this week, and will arrive to you guys just in time for October. Which we all know, is the month of monsters and madness, witches and werewolves, ghosts swinging from chandeliers, and of course, blood sucking vampires and freaks with long fingers and eyes on their hands.

I can't express how awesome the quality of the shirts really is. You'll have to get one to experience it, and look at these pictures!

If you want one, they are SUPER LIMITED TO ONLY 48 shirts, and are available at

Here's the creeping man himself, Mr. Graf Orlok (Nosferatu)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I live in a world of Halloween, year around. And so do my friends.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Print #1 in my series of kids trapped inside of their Halloween Masks, called "MASKED MANIACS" is NOW AVAILABLE here-

Meet mister BUNNY MAN! His mom made him wear a stupid bunny mask that was handed down through the family, and it just MIGHT have been cursed. He wore it out to trick or treat, and it slowly transformed him into a walking zombie child hell bent on consuming everyone's brains and candy.

Now available here:


I am releasing a new shirt next week called MIDNIGHT ORLOCK which is gonna suck you dry. Not in a sexual way, but, drain all of your blood away. I decided to tackle one of my favorite horror icons, one that actually scared the living shit out of me when I was a child. Even if there was no sound, you didn't have to hear the terror, you could see it in black and white. I decided to take that character, and do my version of him, and add a little bit of color (blood) and make it available to you to wear on your chest via my company CAVITYCOLORS.

Here's a sneak-