Thursday, June 14, 2012

THE TALLMAN shirt release and HAUNTING FUN!

This saturday, June 16, I will be releasing a ghost from the depths of my studio, to a home in your closet and on your skin. THE TALLMAN was a painting I did, which was inspired by the house I used to live in with my girlfriend, my friend Matt, and his girlfriend. When we first moved in, we started noticing things here and there that were odd, like weird noises, or things that we couldn't explain, like noises like a painting falling off the wall, but there was nothing on the floor. Or running foot steps upstairs, when no one was home except me. It could all just be nothing, or it could be some sort of weird spirit trapped and playing fun games with us. Either way, the "being" received the name THE TALLMAN, mainly because one night, i mentioned to everyone how terrifying it would be if all the lights were out in a room, and in the far corner, was a 10 ft dark shadow towering over you, staring down, waiting to swallow you whole and take you to the colorful infinity. Who knows what is in that house, but either way, that is how this painting was birthed. And now, I will send ghosts to you, via T SHIRT, and DRAWING!

SATURDAY, June 16th at noon eastern time. The TALLMAN shirt comes out. The first 10 orders will receive a free GHOST DRAWING 8x11 & signed and numbered by myself and PATRICK SWAYZE! just kidding, only me.

Shirt will be available at CAVITYCOLORS.COM only. Happy Hauntings!

Here's one of the cuddle ghost pals!