Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hello, updates. I've missed you.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I'll try and blog a little more, but I guess that's what Twitter is for. I've been slammed with some really cool/fun projects as of late. Some stuff I can show and others I can't.... yet.

Here's a few things I can show you though:

My friends in Wretched just recently hired me to do a series of shirt designs for their upcoming tours.
Here's a preview of the first design:

"Friends Betrayed"

This design is based off of the 2 characters from The Jungle Book "Ballo" and "Mowgli"
Mowgli fucked up, and for that, he lost his limbs.

Also, I hate to keep plugging this and posting about it, but I will be showing art August 9th in Atlanta, GA alongside some amazing artists at the Strange Daze music & arts festival in little five points. I'll be displaying some original lineart for random shirt designs and a few ine art pieces. All you atl peeps better come say whats up!
Here's the flyer; (lame, i know)

Here's one of the paintings I just finished up for it;

If you're interested in purchasing this piece though, feel free to contact me.

see you there.

If you've been to lately, you've realized that it's gone under construction recently. The new layout should be launched early August. Be sure and check it out. I'll also try and update my blog more often, but until then, you can follow me on at

In excitement for the october release of Trick R Treat on dvd, I'll leave you with this video Enjoy.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Attila design printed on Tanks - TERMINUS IS RAW

Check it;

Terminus Tees did an amazing job.
You'll be able to pick this up on their upcoming tours / online as well.

Monday, July 6, 2009

It's time for the harvest...

I recently completed a shirt design for Atlanta based band, Attila.
These guys are all about partying, etc, so we discussed concepts, and finally settled on this idea.




I'll try and update my blog again soon "in between slaving away at projects" with a ton of new stuff, so check back.
You can also follow my daily updates on

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Eat a bowl of f**k! - I am here to PARTY!

"Blessed be the sinners, for the day of atonement is at hand."
- Angela

Night of The Demons is honestly one of those movies that you can watch a few times, take a break from, then come back to a few days later and it's awesome all over again. Those of you who have never seen this movie and are into horror,
you NEED to check it out.
A remake of it is in the works, which I doubt will come anywhere close to how gnarly the original was. Shannon Elizabeth? Come on...
Enough about that.
Among the massive amount of projects I have underway, I was able find time to paint this messy Demon. Nothing serious, just a fun painting.

Here's the piece I did inspired by the movie:

"Angela's party"

This painting is for sale. If you're interested in purchasing this, please head over to and you place your order there.

Here's a trailer for the 1988 classic:


Another reminder, I will be in Atlanta, GA August 9th, where you will be able to view this piece and a ton of others at the Summer Daze Music & Art Festival.
Here's the address and info. PLEASE come and support all of the bands & artists who will be there. It will be amazing.

THE FIVE SPOT in Little 5 Points
123 Euclid Ave NE Atlanta, GA
Phone - (404) 223-1100
3pm-12am, $3 before 7pm, $5 after 7pm

Taken from the official ad:
"Strange Daze will feature 12 of the most bewildering and dynamic local bands that Atlanta has to offer! The band list includes musical acts within a variety of genres such as experimental, rock, punk, folk, progressive, acoustic, psychedelic, Americana, indie, and alternative, and many with a unique combo of any of the above! Strange Daze will also be featuring local artists who will be displaying and selling their work during the festival! The art will include paintings, ceramics, jewelery, and much more!"


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Skin filled forever with my artwork... AWESOME!

An awesome fan of my work by the name of Sammie Ann ( ) sent me a picture of a recent tattoo she had done of an older design I did for An Early Cascade! It's amazing to me that someone enjoys my art enough to have it on their body for the rest of their lives.

Check it out below!



Original illustration:

You rule.