Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Keeper

I grew up watching Tales from the Crypt, and I adored everything about The Cryptkeeper, especially his witch like voice, done by the amazing John Kassir. He was frightening, hideous, and incredibly witty and funny. the perfect combination to terrify you and make you choke with laughter, all at the same time. And not only that, all of the stories (based around the original comicbook) were packed full of revenge, gore, sexuality, comedy, and wit.They opened my mind to what horror could really be, besides just a scare factor or gore, or some teenage girl getting hacked to death. In honor of this show and character, I decided to released a print so that we can all share our love for the fantastic Cryptkeeper.
I will also be releasing a bunch of things that honor some of my other favorite horror icons and characters. The next print release is based around Night of The Creeps, so stay tuned!
For all you BOILS AND GHOULS, the Limited Edition "KEEPER" print is NOW AVAILABLE! Super limited to only 31 prints. Scare your friends and dare them to scream! Buy here: http://Cavitycolors.com/

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