Thursday, May 31, 2012

Awwww, CRITES!

If you were a child of the 80's (or 90's), then you've probably seen, or at least heard of a little movie called CRITTERS. I take that back, if you are ALIVE at all, and watch movies, then you've probably at least seen this movie, or walked in at your friends house while they were watching it, and thought "wow, this is stupid as fuck" or have the thought that I had when I first saw it, which was "HOLY FUCK, THIS IS AMAZING!" What's not to love about furry little, basketball sized, carnivorous alien monster balls that roll around and travel in teams and shoot furry spikes and eat anything in their path. As a horror movie fan (and lover),I live for this stuff, and this movie is extremely close to my heart. I grew up on movies like Friday The 13th and Halloween, and a long list of others. But when I discovered this, it made my imagination go berserk. These things were sort of cute, in a hideous, slimy way, but they were awful and terrifying at first look. I only recently got my hands on a DVD copy, but watching it on tv and vhs when i was a kid really made me excited and wonder in awe "how the hell did they make these things move around!"

And so, to honor the hideous and fun characters of the movie, I created a new limited edition art print that fans can hopefully enjoy!

The print is 13x16, and printed on Velvet Fine Art Paper
An edition of 200. Comes signed and numbered in CRITE blood and icecream. (I wish)
And will be available SATURDAY, JUNE 2nd at NOON eastern time on

I hope if you are as big of a fan of this movie that I am, you will enjoy this, and maybe go back and rewatch and have nightmares and laugh a lot.

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