Thursday, May 24, 2012

Drink and Doodle 16 in Atlanta

Every couple weeks at ABV Gallery in Atlanta, GA, artist Greg Mike and his crew hold a gathering of artists to sit around eachother at a table and create smaller 8x10 pieces of art from beginning to end, and then the piece goes up for sale / display at the end of the night. This was the second one I participated in, and it's always a blast getting to meet new people, meet fans (in person) and draw and have fun with friends. Here's my contribution to the show, Along with a few other photos. Thanks to Greg and the ABV Gallery team for having me! Here's a collection of photos from the show, plus our fun visit to my buddy Jason Hodges' studio, Undead Forest, where he makes masks and builds monsters. Amazing! The Atlanta Scalper, on the loose again.
Entrance to ABV Gallery.
The Crowd
My finished sliced and diced piece for the show. SOLD.
Our visit to UNDEAD FOREST STUDIOS in Atlanta, where my buddy Jason builds monster movie fx and masks.

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