Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We've Got Issues - Color Ink Book group show

Sometimes, no matter how well you pack something and think it is safe from damage, UPS or Fedex will still manage to fuck the whole thing up. I recently sent off a drawing to WWA Gallery to be in the Color Ink Book show. It arrived, but the frame was shattered, and the glass scraped the artwork, so it wasn't very presentable. Luckily, i found out in time, I just overnighted a few more drawings back to California that are packed even MORE securely than the last. Wish them luck! Still super excited to be a part of this show.

Here's the ink drawing for my "CRITE BITE" print. 11x14 on bristol.


Here's the low down and some of the artists in the show: "64 Colors David Arshawsky Anthony Ausgang Ana Bagayan Glenn Barr Dan Barry Deryke Cardenaz Alex Chiu The Chung! David Cook Edward Robin Coronel Dave Correia Johnny Crap Aaron Crawford Steven Daily Jason Deary Jordan Debney Camilla d'Errico Mike Die Bob Dob Chase Dryden Elif Varol Ergen David Flores Ken Garduno Tom Haubrick Mr. Shane Jessup Brandon Ragnar Johnson David Lozeau El LuChUk Jason Maloney Aaron Martin Matt136 Mildred Travis Millard Monty Montgomery Tomi Monstre Motorbot Juan Muniz Patrick O'Connell Double Parlour Lou Patrou Ferris Plock Marco Rached Sean Regalado JC Rivera Cody Schibi Sheryo Skinner Bwana Spoons Hannah Stouffer The Superugly Tharp Scott Tolleson Shark Toof Kelly Tunstall Nate Van Dyke Jonathan Way$hack Angry Woebots, and a ton more"

"We've Got Issues - An art show by Color Ink Book"
WWA Gallery
9517 Culver Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232

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