Friday, August 10, 2012

Flamingo hearts

We all know that Flamingo's are super tall and skinny, and bright pink, and they look sorta surreal in person, because their legs are almost as small as a twig. I have always loved drawing them or painting them because of the shape of their anatomy and lengthy body parts. It's super fun!
I did a drawing for a friends band a few years back, and it got an amazing response, and they released it as shirts, and someone even got a full sleeve tattoo of it, which is insane! (photo below)
Fast forward to recently, I decided to share the painting online over on Instagram (@cavitycolors)and on facebook, and i received tons of messages asking if they could own it, or something like it. And since I do not have the original art anymore, The only thing I could do was release a print! Which is why I am writing this blog! You can finally OWN a copy of the Flamingo Friends!

Here's info on the print:

This print will be available starting at 4 pm eastern time, and will ONLY remain available until monday at 4 pm. The edition size will be determined by how many sold within that time frame. So, you only have a few days to grab this print up if you wanted it!

SIZE: 11x14
Signed and Numbered by Aaron

Each print order also comes with stickers and some other goodies that might make you smile.

Shop at

Here I am being super awkward with a fake flamingo

Here's the flamingo tattoo I mentioned above.

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