Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lacy, the girl with 6 boobs.

Ever just see really gross and gigantic, inhuman sized boobs on a girl? like, just 2 of them? No? Well, now you can see 6! Lacy is hiding her face behind a black mask because she's real ashamed of her deformity. Every fancy, suave Los Angeles plastic surgeon gave her the cold shoulder. They didn't even want to attempt to perform a reconstructive surgery on her chest. It was too risky. Death was almost a sure thing. So now, Lacy is a topless dancer at some outback, desert strip club outside of Vegas. She has her clientele, but they're mostly fucking weirdo fetish types. On the brighter side, she makes money from her somewhat disturbing set of breasts.

Hope you enjoy Lacy's company

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