Monday, June 27, 2011

The story of Beverly. 1971.

Here’s the story of Beverly, the 83 year old woman who found out, through some sort of miracle of “god”, that she was pregnant. Her husband had recently passed, so this was a shocking thing to learn, but she was utterly excited, because his legacy would live on through their new child. Willard had always wanted children, especially a son of his own, but when he suddenly became ill with what doctors thought was a new strain of brain cancer, the reality hit him hard that he would never have children with his loving wife.

Willard passed on at 2:30 am on a cold Wednesday morning, 1971. Not even a week later, Beverly found out she was mysteriously pregnant. Doctors were shocked to learn this, because women of Beverly’s age rarely gave birth. But she was different. What she was carrying in her guts was… different…

It caused her to become deathly ill, almost emaciated. Her skin felt like wet velvet, and she leaked from every orifice. Doctors were unsure of what was growing inside of her, but it was slowly killing Beverly, from the inside out.

Beverly passed away at 5:32 pm on a Friday afternoon in her home, by herself, with her massive stomach that had grown so large, that she had confined herself to her home, for fear of being stared at, or labeled the town freakshow.

May Beverly, her stomach, & Willard RIP.

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